Main shifting points


    Building of the new production plant in Balvi was finished, and fully automated most modern factory in the Baltic states with the total area of 5100 m2 and maximum capacity to produce 600 000 m3/year of Baltic peat moss and substrates was officially opened; 
    About 120 employees are currently working in our company.


      Building of one of the biggest and most modern production plant in the Baltics was started in Balvi;
      Joint venture in Estonia was established with area of 200 ha with packing line;
      A daughter company named “HortiQ” was founded in Germany;
      “Made in Balticum” presented network in more than 45 countries worldwide. Exporting more than 97% of the production, mainly to the European Union Member States, Asian and Arabic countries.  


      New expansion of peat land in Sigulda;
      Starting new project in Balvi – acquired rights for a rent of 112 ha peat bog in Lutinānu peat bog;             
      Agreement with Latvian investment and development agency on European Union co-financing for a project  “Establishment of a new peat processing factory in Balvi”.


      A new office in Riga was opened with sales and logistics under one roof.


      Plant modernisation project was implemented in Rucava and new modern equipment purchased in order to  manufacture products with a higher added value – peat substrates;
      New expansion of peat land in Rucava.


        Building of the production plant in Rucava was finished and new start began with the celebration of an official opening event;
        25% of shares from Balozi & Ko were acquired with 600 ha peat land and own production plant.


        Laid foundation and completely finished construction of the new plant;
        Administration and logistics moved from Riga to Rucava under one roof.


        New project for a modern production plant in Rucava was started.


        Founded in 2001, Compaqpeat gained its new name in the beginning of the year 2007.