White Peat H2-H4, 10-30 mm
Screened material for soil additive
Pots from 14cm until 18cm.Containers and stock plants

White Peat H2-H4, 0-40mm
Middle screened material for potting soils.
Pots from 10cm until 14 cm.

Block Peat H2-H4, 20-40mm
Special screend material for elite material and stock plants.
Container and baskets.

White Peat H2-H4, +40 F
Screened material with fibers.
For containers and cut flowers substrates

Black Peat H6-H8
Fine screened material for vegetable,
young plants or mushroom cultivation

White Peat H2-H4, 0-20mm
Fine screened material for generic multiplication soils.
Seedlings and cutting young plants.
Small cultivation pots: 6cm until 10cm.


Our products are designed to meet demands of professional applications. We believe that packaging does not make the product, instead - it is intended to reflect the quality of content. Thus - our quality products are packaged in quality and well designed packaging. 

Products are available in: 
70 L 
250 L 
Big Bales.