A positive dialogue between our clients and our professional consultants enable us to produce the optimal substrate blend for a very specific purpose and achievement of ideal cultivation results.

Only high quality raw materials are used. Our professional staff is always available to help with consultation and advice if needed. In addition – for standard applications there is developed a range of special Potting soil products.

Compaqpeat uses the best known and widely accepted melioration, peat harvesting, screening, mixing, compressing and packaging technologies. Production plants are located near to the main peat bogs.

Our production plant has been especially designed to meet all modern requirements. It consists of up to date equipment which provides more efficiency, production capabilities and ensures that the highest demands are met. Peat and professional substrates are available in Big Bales (3 - 6 cbm),300 l bags, 250 l bags, 225 l bags and 70 l bags.