Growing media are mixtures of different constituents for growing media such as peat, clay, composted bark, substrate compost and numerous other minerals and organic additives.

While, until the 1950s, in every horticultural business the firm's own growing media were mixed by the personnel from the most varied composts, peat, loam, clay and numerous other materials, modern horticulture now uses only standardized growing media from industrial production.

The demands made on these growing media are high, as the plant must with a little space for the roots and with the most widely varied cultivation methods in today's highly specialized plant production, display great vitality and fast growth.

Only with a uniform, high growing medium quality is such standardized production possible.

 Since Compaqpeat started with the proffessional production of growing media we are a member of the “Guetegemeinschaft Kultursubstrate” and we are certificated for “your security”!